Outcome 2: The Mindful Ageing Bootcamp

About the Mindful Ageing Bootcamp

The Mindful Ageing Bootcamp is a two-three-day training programme where participants had the opportunity to explore the importance of the well-being of mind and body. Participants developed key skills, built new networks and worked to build a more positive approach to ageing. 

 During the Bootcamp delivered in the partner countries, like-minded people came together to: 
  • Understand how a healthy body and mind can prevent future ill health.  
  • Gain practical knowledge of key ‘positive psychology’ and ‘mindfulness’ tools which can help prevent future problems arising. 
  • Build their resilience and a positive approach to ageing. 
  • Develop networks of support via peer mentoring to keep up motivation and develop effective goal setting techniques. 
Image showing with graphics a person over 50 years old, the books, the healthy mind and a group of people.

Mindful Ageing Bootcamp Comparative Report

Executive Summary 

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The Mindful Ageing Bootcamp 
Facilitators' Guide & Learners' Materials

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